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The Cents of Worth platform gives your staff access to financial guidance and education to help them take control of their financial life.

Your Financial Wellbeing Platform

Money and stress are interconnected. We all know statistics can tell any story but we are going to use some anyway! In the recent Financial Resilience Index (March 2020), it was found that 61.6% of people worried about money at least monthly (with 48.2% being at least weekly).

We want to help solve this problem, by showing people that money does not have to be complicated. One of our key beliefs is that simple is good. We aim to show people how they can get their money lives under control to reduce stress in their lives, and focus on things that really matter.

The business case is simple – by helping your team with their money, you will have a happier, more productive team, which means less stress to you.

We believe that there are not the tools available to be able to provide a good solution to help your staff to help them improve their money lives. The standard option is to do a one-off presentation to the staff about an area of money. The problem with this is that people do not always feel comfortable asking money questions in front of their peers. Also, if they are in a relationship, it is much better if they are working on things together.

Your team will have access to the platform, which provides financial guidance and education to increase their financial capability and confidence. The platform is built from our experience of working with thousands of individuals, and includes all of our tools and templates to get your team sorted.

The process can be delivered to your entire team, in a leveraged way to provide resource, and knowledge to your team in a personal way. If they use the information given to them, they will be in a better financial position, and will thank you for that.


Why this process is worth it?

Reduce Stress
By helping people get in control of their money, we help to lower financial stress. In turn, this makes them happier and more productive.
Stand Out
By providing your team with a financial wellbeing program, it helps you to stand out from the crowd as an employer of choice, and your people will become y our advocates.
Personal Access
Your team can work through it in their own time, on any device. Workplace seminars are a great tool, but we often find people are not comfortable with these conversations in a group setting. The access is setup for them, and they can involve their family in the process.
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